Reacher - Easy 32"

Reacher - Easy 32"
Reacher - Easy 32"
SKU: 05-048
Manufacturer Part: RTL 5021
Price: $12.99
Product Details
Reacher - Easy 32"
  • Acts as an extension of your arm
  • Magnetic tip helps grab metal items, like keys
  • Large jaw with a wide 2.5” opening
  • Jaw closes easily by applying only 7 oz. of pressure to the trigger
  • Only requires 7 oz. of pressure to trigger the jaws to close
  • Lightweight and durable aluminum frame
  • Limited 6-month manufacturer’s warranty
  • While this handy little tool can be used to help anyone easily reach objects, it is particularly useful for those who have a limited range of motion, restricted mobility, or limited finger dexterity.
  • Without twisting, bending, or overextending yourself, using the Hand Held Reacher enables you to easily reach something you’ve dropped,  items that are on a top shelf, that have fallen behind the couch, or a simply just out of your normal reach